Thursday 26th September, 6pm onwards, Ocean Studios, Royal William Yard, PL1 3RP

Connect. Chat. Chips.

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Plymouth Design Forum in conjunction with G . F Smith



PDF is a monthly social event that brings the creative community together to discuss, debate and promote design thinking in Plymouth. Beer, wine and chips are the fuel.


Last Thursday of every month. From 6.00pm until the chips go cold.

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Venues with character.

Upcoming venues:

  • 26th September
    Ocean Studios, Royal William Yard, PL1 3RP

  • 31st October
    The Lord High Admiral, 33 Stonehouse St, PL1 3PE

  • 28th November


Anyone who loves design and wants to connect with the wider Plymouth creative community is welcome.


  • James Edgar co-founder
  • Darren Foley co-founder
  • Josh Fathers
  • Mark Jessett
  • Steve Prior
  • Dave Hallett
  • Nick Warren
  • Kate Arbon
  • Adam Holland
  • Owen Jones
  • Sue Lewry
  • Paul Bird
  • Steve Leard
  • Nick Dell ’Anno
  • Lewis Haddock
  • Jordon Hill
  • Dave Tetley
  • Miles Noble
  • Dave Hallett
  • Alan Qualtrough
  • Alex Rogers
  • Nick Halford
  • Jess Halford
  • Harry Richards
  • Callum Campbell-Coles
  • Gareth Tutt
  • Jacob Dodsworth
  • Nathan Gale
  • Amanda Duffin
  • James Brocklehurst
  • Shayne House
  • Sarah Smalldon
  • Vince Hadford
  • Peter Clayton
  • Melrose Noble
  • Tish England
  • Ben Walsh
  • Tara Ashe
  • Suzy Davies
    Carly Price
    Tim Burley
    Gary Meadowcroft
    Levi Rees-Williams


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